Design Expectations

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Compliments of Sherman Williams

We are always up to par when it comes to color and design.  Paint sets the mood when different elements are brought together in creating a warm tone and cozy atmosphere.  We have brought upto date color waves to our new clients.  As usual, we are always right on.  According to ElleDecor and other top designers, there is a move away from the harder grey tones that was so beloved from the last decade.  Different tones of greys  once the color choice for Designers as well as homeowners alike, now received   the fewer votes by far, at just 5%.  Bring on the Beige, brown, creams and off white colors when asked top designers.

Fairfield, rust, brown, wood elements
Rust-Brown-Off White-wood elements- Compliments from Fairfield Furniture
Bold color accents are being used  to give the warm contrast a home needs for coziness.
Natured inspired elements are being used and brought into the home.  Different wood tones from distressed woods to  sleek wood tones are appearing more and more.  We are seeing a warm color palette of oranges, corals, rusty tones, browns as well. Custom these chairs with a contemporary pattern and it would change the whole look if not wanting the florals.  
European colors are finally getting back to us once again. Pink, fuschia,  blues, Greens and red.  Bold and daring palettes are being embraced in 2023.